Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SUSD teacher association president Julie Aiello

Julie Kawahara spoke with SUSD teacher association president Julie Aiello earlier this month. Here are the most relevant parts of their conversation, as noted by Julie K.

What might be the concerns of teachers regarding the REACH program?
  • Differential education – agreed that different kids learn differently and should have different learning opportunities to meet their needs. Spoke to REACH teachers are not specifically credentialed like Waldorf or Montessori. Even IBO has training program, so teachers can be replaced (discussion on bumping and whether REACH teachers had protection). Did not talk about whether an addendum to teacher contract via MOU would be or could be possible.
  • Inequalities, elitism - Spoke to this a bit. Suggested that REACH teachers attend staff meetings, that REACH parents become part of the community, participate and combine open house events, participate in Wed Newsletter. Discussed on how REACH could take in “underachievers” and maybe with REACH environment, educational philosophy, smaller class size, arts-enriched, these students would be more engaged in their education.
REACH should consider diversity and accessibility. Proposal to have teachers identify kids who would be good candidates for REACH. This would require orientation and understanding of REACH by all teachers (which would be a good thing!).

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